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Writing by the Water


Testimonials: Press

Find your voice.

Author Lisa Valli writes romance and women's fiction

I can't say enough about the services that Wende Dikec and Kathie Shoop offer to writers.  Wende has been extremely helpful in consulting with me and assisting in re-working my story.  Helping to lead me in the right direction, she worked with me to bring out the best in my writing. I've worked with others in the past and no one else has achieved the desired result. As a successful author herself, her goal is to help us be the best we can be and to find our own voice. 

Kathie, a multi-published author as well, reviewed a story of mine and kept me on track, helping me avoid the pitfalls of writing about historical figures and being careful not to incriminate anyone in my work. Her desire to help new and established writers is paramount as evidenced by her workshops, anthologies and the retreats that she holds.

It is a real asset to have this team available in helping me become the writer that I have always dreamed I could be.

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